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Casa Ravella nº1.
08739 Ordal,
938 179 245

Right next to our sawmill, which dates back to the 1900s, we have recovered an old “cellar” (place where wine was produced decades ago) to open a shop where our products can be purchased.

Wines, cava, firewood and products from our own garden, always ecologic and in season, share the room with antique grape presses and other winemaking tools, which easily transport the visitor to the old Penedés.

Worthy of mention are our peaches, Protected Geographical Indication of Ordal, which have given our area a high reputation and are able to take us back to previous eras, where peaches where one of the most predominant crop in the Penedés.

Not to forget mentioning, are also our olive, cherry, fig and almond trees, which although they are dry-land crops, they help bear exceptional fruit. Our vegetable gardens also grow different varieties of horticultural products such as the Monserrat tomato, hanging “tomacons” (ideal for the local delicacy “pan tomaquet”), aubergines, courgettes, peppers and many others. Always in season!