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Casa Ravella nº1.
08739 Ordal,
938 179 245


We aim to achieve results without compromising our main source of natural resources, in the benefit of future generations. This is our main wine-making commitment.

We partner with the Forest Defence Group (ADF in Spanish), in a forest conservation program, and are also pioneers in studies related to the use of forestry biomass (pilot program 2012).

Flora and fauna coexist in our more than acceptable environmental surrounding.


We have treated our vineyards in a 100% ecological manner for years.

By applying a conservation oriented agriculture, we aim to improve the land´s biological properties, through environmentally conscious cultivation and balanced production to preserve our plants.


After continuous monitoring to harvest at the optimum ripening point, and a strict grape selection process in the vineyard, the grapes are hand-picked and transported to the wine cellar in boxes.

A second selection process in the wine cellar will discard additional fruit considered below standards.

Only free run juice is used in the production of our wines, and by fermenting at controlled temperatures, the wine keeps all of its organoleptic properties.

Micro-oxygenation, maceration and subsequent ageings help to round off our wines.